Scandal Recap: (Love) Made in Vermont


What can we say?! Scandal 308 – “Vermont is for Lovers, Too” blew us away. We’re flatlining now…

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KERRY WASHINGTON, TONY GOLDWYNThis week’s Scandal was, in part, How We Met Liv’s Mother, as Rowan/Eli spent some time with “dead” Maya. Elsewhere, Fitz took Olivia for a ride, Cy put James in a… position… and Quinn labored to cover her tracks.

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MOTHER, MAYA? | Picking up right where we left off, Rowan tells Maya that because Liv has been asking about her, he needs to move B613’s captive of 20-plus years to a facility farther away. Maya’s one request: to see her daughter first. But Rowan refuses. “I’ve been hiding in the bowels of the judicial system,” she growls. “You have to give me something.” Rowan again balks, so Maya later chews into her own wrists, into her own veins, and begins gushing blood. (This is why Shonda warned y’all to eat dinner…

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