Optics: The Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Theory – Jake Shot Vanessa, Shelby and James #Scandal

Scandal 313 - "No Sun on the Horizon" - Jake takes aim at James and David and shoots.

Scandal 313 – “No Sun on the Horizon” – Jake takes aim at James and David and shoots.

Attention Gladiator Nation! The final moments of Scandal 313 -No Sun on the Horizon” were shocking, but not unexpected. Prior to the airing of this episode, one of our predictions for the OMG! moment was that James would be bumped off on Cyrus’ orders, after being exposed as “Publius.” We were partially right. Shelby Moss and Vanessa Chandler join him in death. We never saw that coming.  We also never saw Jake, now Command of B-613, doing the dirty work himself. Take a look at the following clip of the final moments of Scandal 313:

Scandal 313 – The Shocking Final Moments

Video courtesy of Hulu.com

Conspiracy theories abound in the Scandalverse as to whether someone else shot Vanessa and Shelby. We, too, even thought that because Jake only pulls out a gun after reaching James and David, that he could not possibly have been responsible for shooting the two women. We were wrong. Upon closer inspection of the clip, we found that Jake has two guns, one in each hand. He shot the women with the silencer gun in his right hand. He pulls out another gun with his left and shoots either James or David. We believe James took the hit, and that David will be recruited into B-613 as an insider within the Justice Department.

We also believe David is the audience for Jake‘s monologue. Poor David. He always seems to lose at life. And now, he will have to put away his white hat for a very long time. No one in B-613 wears a white hat.

Dan Bucantinsky, the actor/screenwriter/producer who plays James Novak, recently returned to the set of ‘Greys Anatomy.’ This leads us to believe that he has left ‘Scandal‘. Dan is a fine actor, but James was looking for trouble. Twice he reneged on bringing his evil husband, Cyrus, to justice. Well now, he is gone, and he took two other people with him. We’re sure Cyrus already had an ax to grind with Vanessa as she was the one who first broke the story of Fitz‘s affair with Olivia. And now, Vanessa became an even greater threat by going after the Daniel Douglas Langston murder cover-up story.

As for Shelby Moss,  she is dead because one does not cross the NSA. The fact that Edward Snowden is still alive is a miracle.

Rest in peace, Vanessa, Shelby and James.

Rowan is working to make sure Sally gets elected, so  that he can be restored to his former powerful position at B-613. If Fitz gets thrown out of office, Jake is out of a job and/or dead. But was protecting the Republic and himself really Jake‘s only motivation for killing these three people? Or did he also do this to protect Olivia, who could wind up being a casualty if the truth about Daniel Douglas‘ murder came out? If Cyrus goes to prison, he would more than likely start singing like a bird about ‘Defiance‘ as part of a plea deal. Olivia, who actively participated in the largest case of voter fraud in American history, would wind up in prison. Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang!

The things a man will do for love… 


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