News: Scandal Season 3 Finale Airs April 17, 2014

Attention Gladiator Nation! ABC announced today that the season 3 finale of Scandal, episode 318, will air on Thursday, April 17, 2014 at 10pm. The finale is directed by Tom Verica. The season was truncated from 22 to 18 episodes due to lead star Kerry Washington‘s pregnancy. Kerry is reportedly due next month, April.

This season was tough to watch. Let’s hope the writers will use the summer hiatus to come up with some better story-lines and dialogues. The show will definitely be renewed due to its popularity, unless Shonda decides to pull the plug on it herself. In season 4, let’s see more political maneuvering and problem-solving, and less soap opera. It already looks as if the President does nothing all day but dream of Olivia Pope. The Senate, Congress, lobbyists and other political staffers seem non-existent on the show. Only the press seems to have a presence on the show. Neither has there been a protest of some sort this season; or any foreign policy issues. Cannot imagine such calm in Washington DC. We certainly hope the finale will live up to all the hype…

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